Call of Duty Warzone Modern Warfare slammed ‘literally unplayable’ codm pubg mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Modern Warfare slammed 'literally unplayable' codm pubg hitmanswin mobile

Call of Duty mobile players have been left disappointed and tired later numerous games in the establishment have been left fringe broken throughout the previous few days.

Honorable obligation: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone have been confronting the greatest issues with numerous players leaving behind whatever might already be a lost cause by uninstalling the game because of long line times, unforeseen crashes and irritating bugs which sees players stuck on a circle between the home menu and the stacking screen.

Activision have since said: “We’re attempting to fix an issue making players get found out in an update circle.

The primary issues is by all accounts players attempting to download refreshes which then, at that point, leaves the game totally unplayable for them.

“This has done has made me never need to purchase a COD again,” kept in touch with one client on Reddit, according to GAMINGbible. “More regrettable, I will not at any point suggest the series once more.”


While Warzone is somewhat better on a specialized level, players of the game are as yet discontent with the new update.

Raven Software presented a close relentless Krampus executioner to the Battle Royale game, in any case, this has quite recently caused even more a cerebral pain for players.

“The way that Modern Warfare is in a real sense unplayable and it’s at a bargain on schedule for these special seasons is f****** crazy,” Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson shared on Twitter recently.

“Disaster area Caldera is a wreck on consoles as well. Also there’s been 0 affirmation from Activision and its improvement studios.”

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“Assuming you preferred this video, then, at that point, hit the Like button and buy in.”

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Call of Duty Warzone Modern Warfare slammed 'literally unplayable' codm pubg hitmanswin mobile

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