What happened to all the color in Call of Duty: Warzone's Pacific map? hitmans win codm cod pubg
What happened to all the color in Call of Duty: Warzone's Pacific map? hitmans win codm cod pubg

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Like genuinely, am I missing something, or does Caldera look as cleaned out and tasteless as Warzone generally has? Either Activision played with some appealing post-handling channels when it took these limited time screen captures, or something is exceptionally amiss with my settings.

Honorable obligation: Warzone at last got another guide today. Actually no, not another 1980s remix of an old guide or a second Rebirth Island—Caldera is a new, rambling guide that is around a similar size as Verdansk (however perhaps somewhat more modest). Early screen captures of Caldera shared by Activision enticed me back to Warzone after a long break. The island’s radiant green palm trees and immersed blue sky appeared as though a significant takeoff from Verdansk ’84’s boring high rises and pukey green skybox. Activision considers it a “heaven.” Except, following a couple of hours spent running and flying across Caldera, I’m pondering where on earth all that tone went.

Apparently from watching others’ streams, this is exactly what Caldera resembles, and that is really baffling. I’m happy Raven Software swung for a guide style that is fundamentally unique in relation to what preceded, yet for what reason does Warzone keep on being so scared of shading?

Taking everything into account, I thought Warzone’s cleaned out look worked when it sent off in 2020 with the main rendition of Verdansk. Its absence of shading really stood apart when contrasted with Fortnite’s soaked blast. The style likewise functioned admirably in Modern Warfare (the game that actually fills in as Warzone’s system) since that game just ever strived to deliver concrete and gleaming metal, not a tropical island in the Pacific sea.

Sadly, it appears as though we’re in a comparative boat with Caldera that we were with Verdansk ’84. The ‘rich’ island heaven is somewhat boring, and that is probably not going to change.

Perhaps the Modern Warfare motor is now showing its age a little—it was worked considering last-gen equipment, all things considered. It additionally doesn’t help that I’ve been playing a ton of Battlefield 2042. That is an exceptionally lovely game with its own guide issues, however shading isn’t one of them. I can’t run Battlefield close to just as Warzone, however I really do see the value in the way that cool it feels to get sucked up in a dry desert cyclone and spat back out on a fix of dark green grass.

I figured out how to soak Warzone’s shadings a piece by turning the brilliance way lower than prompted. Caldera looked over and above anyone’s expectations as I jumped out of the plane! Then, at that point, I ventured into a structure and saw… all things considered, nothing.

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